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TCS Pharma CIO Portal

TCS Pharma CIO club portal was formed on 14th January 2005 for CIOs of the leading pharmaceutical companies. TCS Pharma CIO Club offers a platform for knowledge sharing among the IT heads of leading pharmaceutical companies in India and to discuss various issues and pain points faced by the pharmaceutical industry which has seen an incredible response. One such issue discussed was the lack of a comprehensive national doctor database.

A common perception about the pharmaceutical industry is that it is very secretive and will not share information or cooperate with its competitors. But the launch of Pharma CIO portal saw industry heavyweights which together make up more than 50 percent of the Indian pharmaceutical industry turnover:

The members reverberate the opinion that the club has helped them learn from the experience of their peers in the industry and is helping them to change the mindset of their organization towards IT and its role in transforming the pharmaceutical industry. It has also helped them resolve issues like procuring budget allocation for IT.

This portal maintains archives of the following:

  • All previous meetings of the club
  • Agenda to be discussed in the next meeting
  • Provides the CIOs with the latest information and current trends about the pharmaceutical industry as well as the IT industry

The portal covers two key features:

  • The forum for brainstorming and exchange of ideas between the CIOs
  • CIO Challenge, here the CIOs can post issues faced by their company or the industry, for it to be solved by other CIOs

A section in this site provides the names, contact details, company name, designation and profile of the CIO members. The universal feeling of the portal is that it is a remarkable achievement.

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