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Types of Renal Failure

Acute Renal Failure:

Kidneys could be damaged suddenly. This could be due to injury, disease or toxins. When remedies for these are sought, kidney functions could be restored.

Chronic Renal Failure:

If you have chronic renal disease, you are slowly losing kidney functions. Over a period of time this could lead to kidney failure and serious health complications. You may not even be aware of this in the beginning. It is not possible to restore the functions you have already lost. But it is possible to control or retard the process of deterioration.

End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD):

Chronic Renal failure progresses to a point when kidneys work less than 10% capacity. At this point, the kidneys are no longer fulfilling their role of removing waste and excess fluids from the body. So, toxins begin to build up in the blood causing a person to become ill

There is currently no cure for End-Stage Renal Disease.

This condition is fatal unless dialysis on a regular basis or kidney transplant is performed, to restore kidney functions.


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