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The escalating cost of medical treatment today is beyond the reach of common man. In case of a medical emergency, cost of hospital room rent, the doctor's fees, medicines and related health services can work out to be a huge sum. In such times, health insurance provides the much needed financial relief.

Health Insurance can be availed by people aged between five and seventy-five (The upper and lower age limits may vary slightly depending on the policy). Do not wait till you fall sick. An investment in health insurance scheme would be a judicious decision. The health insurance scheme could either be a personal scheme or a group scheme sponsored by your employer.

The health insurance does not cover certain ailments at all times and a few ailments are not covered in the first year of cover. It covers hospitalisation charges for accidents, injuries, various ailments and maternity expenses. The overseas mediclaim policies cover hospitalisation and treatment charges on trips abroad. There are four major insurance companies in India and despite the different names of the policies, the schemes and the covers are the same. The possible variation could only be in the quality of service.

We present below the main health policies offered by the Indian Insurance Companies. These policies have been regulated by the General Insurance Corporation and are marketed by the four big insurance companies. United India Insurance Co Ltd., New India Assurance Co Ltd., Oriental Insurance Co Ltd. and National Insurance Co Ltd.

You must be clear about the details of the policy that you want. If you find the legalese confusing, ask an agent to guide you. This is a competitive business and the agents will be keen to help.

Policies of United India Insurance Company Ltd.

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