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The majority of cancers that occur in India are preventable or curable if detected in the early stages. Cancer Institute (WIA), Chennai, findings note: “With our existing knowledge and resources 50% of cancers that occur in our area can be prevented. Over 50% of cancers in men are tobacco oriented. They are due to chewing tobacco or smoking. Over 50% of cancers in women are uterine cancers. And both these groups of cancers are preventable."

Today we have tools to detect a cancer long before it becomes visible, or produces symptoms. Even when established cancer is detected, with better methods of investigation and treatment, more cancers are curable today. The question of life or death for cancer patients hinges on when the disease is detected. This section provides information with a view to helping users understand the disease, its prevention and early detection.

Source: Information on cancer has been sourced from
Cancer Institute (WIA), Chennai.

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