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Quiz on Alcoholism

1. We feel relaxed after a drink because alcohol is:

A Stimulant A Depressant An Energiser None of these

2. The best remedy to shake off the effects of a hangover is:

Black coffee Cold shower Herbal tea None of these

3. Regular consumption of a small quantity of red wine:

Has a disastrous impact on nerves Is good for the heart Is bad for the heart

4. It is safer to drink beer than whiskey?

Yes No

5) Before you drive you should keep to a limit of:

1 can of beer/peg of whiskey 45 ml of beer No drink at all

6) The minimum age for drinking advised in the USA is:

16 years 18 years 21 years 24 years

7) Which form of alcohol is an aphrodisiac?

Gin Vodka Champagne None of these

8) A mixed drink containing carbonated drink is absorbed into the body more easily than straight shots.

True False

9) Gold dust in alcohol has medicinal properties.

True False

10) It was largely the monasteries that knew how to brew alcohol in the middle ages in Europe.

True False

Your Bar Graph:

(The percentage of blue indicates the number of correct answers to the total number of attempts)

Explanation :

  • Alcohol depresses the central nervous system. The first drink might ease tension and anxiety but with following servings the effects are negative.

  • There is no quick fix remedy for hangovers. The abused liver recovers only with time.

  • Studies show that red wine consumed in small quantities (doctor to prescribe dosage) regularly show a beneficial effect on the heart.

  • The alcohol content in the drink is what is harmful. Beer has less alcohol content than whiskey. But if you are alcohol dependent, even beer can cause harm.

  • Though the chance of being involved in accidents is greater when there is greater blood alcohol content, It is best not to drink when driving.

  • In most states of the USA, the legal drinking age is 21.

  • No type alcohol increases sex drive. In fact you may have sexual dysfunction problems if you drink too much.

  • Some forms of sake (brewed from rice) have flakes of gold in them. Does more for your sense of extravagance than for anything else.

  • In the Bible there are references to alcohol and moderate drinking was not treated as an offence.


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