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Expert Speak

Expert Speak

What is manic depression? How do I keep dandruff under control? Could someone tell me what Primary complex is?

There are a hundred little things regarding health, fitness and wellness that we simply need an expert opinion on. Now you can have it from specialists in the field concerned. Click on the key words below to find out more.

If you need detailed information on aspects of health or a particular disease look under the general topics or health centres respectively.

  • Acne (Dr Vidya Ram Pradeep)

  • Advances in X-ray Imaging (Dr Jayaraj Govindaraj)

  • AIDS – CurrentStatus and the Year Ahead (Dr Sunithi Solomon)

  • Alzheimer’s disease (Dr Deepak Arjundas)

  • Anger (Mr Ravi Samuel)

  • Braces(Dr Sreedevi)

  • Chikungunya Fever(Dr. J. Mathew and Dr. Suparna Banavar )

  • Cognitive Rehabilitation(Mr. Ravi Samuel)

  • Depression: Identifying and Coping with the problem (Dr Peter Fernandez)

  • Diet Principles in Cardiac Rehabilitation (Dr Varsha)

  • Diet,Genetics and Cancer (Dr. Vikram Ananthakrishnan)

  • Disability: Loss of Limb and Rehab

  • Educating autistic children (Sankalp)

  • Eye Donation and Graft (Dr Mohan Rajan)

  • Facial (Dr Vidya Ram Pradeep)

  • Fibroids: (Dr K Satyavathi, MBBS, DGO)

  • Footcare in Diabetics (Dr G Sivakumar)

  • Heart Valve Problems and Repair (Dr S Mukundan)

  • Hysterectomy basics for patients(Dr Uma Ram)

  • Indian Standards of Drinking Water

  • Infertility Myths and Misconceptions(Dr Aniruddha Malpani)

  • Insights into ground water potability and management from Dr Felix Ryan, former advisor to UNO

  • Jaundice & Liver Failure (Dr. Vikram Ananthakrishnan)

  • Laparoscopic Hernia Repair (Dr Vikram Ananthakrishnan)

  • Laser Assisted Hair Transplantation (Dr. B.N Rao)

  • Laser surgery for common refractive problems.(Dr Venkatesh Prajna)

  • Laser Surgery for Piles (Dr. Vikram Ananthakrishnan)

  • Managing Autism, a developmental disorder: (Ms Kalpana Satheesh, Speech Therapist and Audiologist)

  • Marital Therapist: (Dr Vijay Nagaswami MD (Psych))

  • Milk Allergy (Dr J Viswanath)

  • Positive Energy (Ms Judith Orloff, M.D.)

  • Prevention of Diabetes (Dr V Mohan)

  • Quitting Smoking (Dr E Vidhubala)

  • Rectal Bleeding (Dr. Vikram Ananthakrishnan)

  • Rice and Health (Ms Dharini Krishnan, Nutritionist)

  • Saving the Limbs of Bone Cancer Patients (Dr Mayil Vahanan Natarajan)

  • Social Anxiety Disorder (Mr Ravi Samuel)

  • Some Developments in the Realm of Managing Renal Failure:
         (Dr S Suresh AB ( Int Med),AB (Neph) Consultant Nephrologist )

  • Stents: Use of Stents in Angioplasty (Dr K Latchumanadhas MD DM)

  • Substance Abuse: Patterns and Prevention (Dr Anita Rao)

  • The Challenged Eaters (Dr Varsha)

  • Thrombolytic Therapy (Dr S Thanikachalam)

  • Treatment options available for Diabetic Retinopathy: (Dr P Namperumalsamy, MS, DO,
         FAMS, Director of Aravind Eye Care System, Madurai.)

  • Tuberculosis: Prevalence and Prevention (Dr.N Ravichandran)

  • Vitiligo (Dr. Snehal Sriram)

  • Yoga (Dr Krishna Raman)

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