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Fractional Excretion of Sodium

The test is done in patients with acute renal failure to evaluate the probable type of renal failure.

 Urinary Sodium UNa(mmol/L)
 Serum Sodium PNa(mmol/L)
 Urinary Creatinine UCr(mg/dl)
 Serum Creatinine PCr(mg/dl)
Fractional Excretion of Sodium(FENa)%


Normal Values

   1% to 3%
  • Normal or Below normal values suggest:
    • bleeding, other causes of low blood volume, or insufficient blood flow to the kidneys (pre-renal failure; prerenal azotemia).
    • contrast nephropathy and pigment nephropathy.
  • Above the normal range suggests:
    • persons with pre renal failure and on diuretic therapy.
    • chronic renal insufficiency with impaired sodium absorption.
    • acute tubular necrosis or renal causes like glomerulonephritis.


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