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Welcome to Clinic Online

Clinic Online is a unique web tool for Doctors and Hospitals. This unique software, currently offered FREE, helps Doctors and Hospitals ensure better patient compliance, enhance the quality of services provided, maintain records, expand the scope of their practice globally and reap the benefits of Futuristic technology.

Using this unique software:

  • You can keep track of all your patients registered with WebHealthCentre.com

  • You can view your patients' health and medical records.

  • Your patients can consult you online by sending in their Consultation Forms for your opinion.

  • You can view the patients' past consultations with you. And if the patients wish, you can view their past consultations with other doctors as well.

  • * You will have access to a complete tracking system with graphs and charts which will help you track particular values of the patient. For instance you can in one screen be able to see the Blood Sugar level of your Diabetic patient over the last year, have it plotted on a graph, have a printout taken etc.

  • You can in advance set dates on which E-Mail reminders will automatically be sent to the patients regarding specific tests that they may need to do at periodic intervals. For instance you can inform the parents when the next doses of vaccines are due for their child.

  • * You may also choose to send periodic health updates etc. to your patients, inform them of when you will not be available, alternative arrangements etc.

  • You can give patients access to information about yourself , your profile, your contact information etc.

  • You can allot appointments through the system and keep track of them.

  • You will also have the option of getting a second opinion FREE of Charge currently from any of the Institutions offering Consultation Services at www.webhealthcenter.com.

  • All the data stored on www.webhealthcenter.com is fully secure and confidential. No confidential data about you or your patients will be released to any third party without your express permission.

*Services will be available shortly

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