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1. Do I need to own a computer to use the Online Consultation feature of your site?

You need not own a computer to use the Online Consultation feature of WebHealthCentre.com. All you need to do is open an account for yourself in our site and remember the user id and the password. With the user id and password you can access your account from any computer that is connected to the internet.

2. Do I need to own an email id to get replies from the doctors?

You need not own an email id to get replies. The replies sent by the doctors will not be emailed to you. Instead they will be stored in your account in the WebHealthCentre.com. You can see the replies by logging on to your account.

3. How can I get a consultation at WebHealthCentre.com?

There is a detailed step by step help provided on how to get a consult. Please click here to get help.

4. Once I finish registration what should I do next?

  • Create a Health Record.
  • If you have gone through clinical tests recently then create a new Medical Record.
  • Choose the speciality to which your consultation would belong. If you do not know which speciality your complaint is relevant to choose the General Medicine/Do not know option.
  • Fill the Consultation Forms and submit.
  • Once submitted, a confirmation report appears displaying a number that is assigned to your consultation.
  • Click on the consultation number to see your complaints. If you find that you have committed any mistake, then, delete that consultation and create a fresh one.
  • Once a consultation request has been created it will appear in your "List of Consultations" with the status marked "Unanswered".
  • After a doctor sees your consultation request and posts a reply, you will see the status of the consultation change to "Answered". You can then click on the consultation number to see the doctor's reply.

5. What is a Health Record?

Your Health Record has details of your health indices (such as your age, height and weight), details regarding diseases you may be suffering from and any history of illnesses in the family. It also contains information on any habits that may influence your health such as smoking, alcohol intake etc.

Any details regarding a recent physical examination or medical investigation may also be given. 

6. What is a Medical Record?

The Medical Record is basically a compilation of the results of the clinical tests which the patient has gone through as per his/her personal physician's advice. Unlike a Health Record a new Medical Record has to be created every time when the patient wants to store his recent clinical tests results. However he can store more than one Medical Record in his account.

7. Can I get a consult without filling in my Health Record?

Yes, you can by filling in only from the Main Form onwards. However for the reply and the advice to be most complete it is mandatory that you enter your Health Record. Please note that entering your Health Record is a one-time exercise. Only periodic updates need to be made thereafter. Also even if you do not seek a consult, having your Health Record on the site ensures instant access in an Emergency from any part of the world.

8. Can I get general advice on health matters from your medical team?

Yes, of course. For this you do not need to go through the Consultation Forms but can mail your queries to admin. Please note that specific queries pertaining to individual conditions will have to go through the Consultation Forms. General queries are those which pertain to general well being and not specific disease states.

9. Can I only store my Health Record without getting a consult?

Of course. If at some point in the future you wish to get a consult you may then do so after updating your Health Record.

10. I find the forms large and difficult to fill in. What do I do?

These Forms have been specifically designed by specialists in the various Medical Specialties to get as much relevant and important information from you about the condition that you may be suffering from. You will no doubt appreciate that the more the information you provide, the more likely it is that the consultant can help you with a detailed and accurate reply. If however you do not wish to enter the detailed form for any reason, you can choose to fill in the General Medicine/Do Not Know Form which is very brief and get the advice.

11. Will my complaint go unanswered if I choose a wrong speciality?

Even if you choose a wrong speciality your complaints will be forwarded to the appropriate speciality and your questions will be answered.

12. What should I do to get quick replies for my consultation requests?

If you are clear about the speciality to which your complaint belongs then go ahead and select it. Each speciality has a detailed questionnaire prompting you to provide the symptoms of your illness. Answering the questionnaire scrupulously will facilitate an easy diagnosis of your problems by the doctors and hence a speedy reply for your questions.

13. If I want an opinion on a speciality for which there is no form provided what do I do?

For all such areas please choose the General Medicine/Do Not Know forms and fill in the details. Please note that there are Doctors giving advice through WebHealthCentre.com from many more specialties than those for which specific forms have been provided. For example, we have specialties like Haematology, Plastic Surgery, Physiotherapy and so on for which no specific forms are provided. Please choose the General Medicine form for all these specialties.

14. Can I get opinions on areas other than the consultation areas mentioned?

If you have any queries regarding other content on the site, say in areas like Beauty House, Alternative Medicine etc. you can mail us at the E-Mail address given in the respective sections. Please note however that these queries are forwarded to these specialists at periodic intervals and it may take longer to receive a reply than in the consultation areas.

15. Will the information that I store on the site be kept private?

The information that you store on WebHealthCentre.com is kept totally confidential. Access is strictly only by using your User ID and Password. Please keep your User ID and Password confidential to prevent unauthorised access. It is advisable to give your WebHealthCentre.com User ID and Password to one or more close family members so that your record can be accessed in an emergency.

16. Do I need to retain my old consultations or should I delete them after I get the reply?

The choice is yours. However it is advisable that if your query pertains to any chronic condition then the previous queries should be retained to give the consultants a complete picture of your past problems. Please note that WebHealthCentre.com reserves the right to delete any Consultation Form that contains material that is deemed by us to be frivolous, obnoxious, obscene or in any other manner unfit to be retained on the site. Please remember that this is a serious site meant to help those who genuinely seek medical advice and so kindly avoid frivolous queries.

17. I filled in a Consultation Form but have got a reply asking me to provide more details. Why was my form not sent to the consultant?

Your Consults are first screened by the WebHealthCentre.com medical team to see if they are complete. If your consultation is deemed to be incomplete for any reason then you will be asked to provide some more details and send another query adding the relevant material. In the second query you do not need to fill the entire form again. You can merely quote the previous Consultation Number and add whatever new information has been asked from you in the second form. Both the forms will then be sent to the consultant and the reply will be given. You will no doubt appreciate that the consultant's valuable time cannot be wasted with incomplete queries.

18. I am a doctor practising in a small town. Many of my patients have no access to the internet. How can I get advice from doctors in the cities for my patients?

The best method would be to create an account for each of your patients for whom you plan to seek advice. This would help you to maintain an individual Health Record for your patients. Your patients can access their Health Record from anywhere in the world.

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