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Information for Patients / Recipients

Frequently Asked Questions about Receiving Blood and Blood Products

What will the bank expect from a patient before releasing the required quantity of blood?

  • The patient/relative should bring a standard requisition form signed by the medical officer of the concerned hospital. This form will contain details about the patient and type of blood required.
  • Patientís blood sample (3ml of clotted blood in a test tube with name, age and sex labels).
  • A thermo cool box for transporting the blood bag.

What are the tests a blood bank should conduct to ensure that the blood/blood products are free of infection?

The Government Drug and Cosmetics Act specifies that the following tests must be conducted: HIV, HCV, HbsAg, VDRL.

How much does a unit of blood cost?

The government of India has prescribed rates of blood and blood products. The price list is as follows:

Item Price
Whole Blood Rs 500/unit
Fresh Frozen Plasma Rs 400/unit
Packed Cell Rs 300/unit
Platelet Concentrate Rs 400/unit

But most blood banks use these as rough guideline value and charges can vary, depending on the demand. Even where blood is collected free, banks have to spend for processing, storage and testing.

Is it possible to get blood at a concessional price?

Most blood banks have schemes that enable donors to get blood at a concessional price.


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