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Quiz for medical students

How much do you know about Stomach Cancer abnormalities? Take this quiz to find out.

Diffuse variety of carcinoma stomach has:

Very good prognosis.
Same as other types.
Poor prognosis.
Same prognosis like benign gastric ulcer.

Carcinoma stomach arises from:

Argentafin cells
G cells
Mucus cells
Parietal cells

Carcinoma stomach is found more in:

Blood group A
Blood group B
Blood group AB
Blood group O

Chief cells in the stomach secrete:


Linitis plastica refers to:

Leather bottle stomach
Lymphoma stomach
Reconstructed stomach

Trans coelomic spread of Ca Stomach to the ovaries is called:

Blumer's shelf
Frozen pelvis
Krukenberg tumour
Douglas pouch secondary

Bilroth II type of anastomosis is


MALTOMA refers to,

Lymphoma of the stomach
Malrotation of stomach
Malabsorbtion of stomach
Leiomyoma of stomach

Knowledge Graph

(The percentage of blue indicates the number of correct answers to the total number of attempts)

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