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Research helps us know that some simple measures can keep many types of cancer at bay. Here is list of suggestions that can help you avoid certain types of cancer:

  1. Avoid tobacco in all forms: cigarettes, bidis, paan etc.
    Keep your mouth and teeth clean.
    Avoid Bad Dentures
    Attend to unhealthy and sharp teeth
    This will help in avoiding oral, throat, lung, food pipe cancers.
  2. Eat a balanced diet, rich in fibres. Green vegetables and low fat food may help in lowering the incidence of stomach and intestine cancers.Read more on Nutrition
  3. Alcohol should be consumed, if at all, in moderation.
  4. Avoid unnecessary exposure to radiation such as X-ray.
  5. Avoid over-weight and anaemia.

Some facts women should pay attention to, to avoid cancers specific to women.

  • Maintain proper genital hygiene.
  • Get treated if you have genital infection.
  • Have an annual check up and get a PAP Smear test.

These will help prevention of uterine cancer.

  • Learn the technique of self-examination of the breast.
  • If there is a family history of breast cancer get yourself screened.
  • Have an annual check up.

This way breast cancer can be detected early.

Please remember, a positive attitude has helped cancer patients to fight the disease. Help is available and your decision to make good use of it helps you keep up the quality of your life.

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